These terms and conditions for ordering the courier service govern ordering conditions and procedures between Jet Express OÜ (hereinafter Jet Express) and the courier service customer (hereinafter customer). Jet Express reserves the right to change the ordering conditions of this courier service as needed.


1.1. These terms and conditions of ordering apply to all customers who order courier services or related services.

1.2. Jet Express has the right to change the terms and conditions for ordering courier services by notifying the customers on its webpage at least 30 days in advance.

1.3. Definitions:

1.3.1. Jet Express – Jet Express OÜ, a courier service provider

1.3.2. Customer – a customer of the courier service.

1.3.3. Parcel – a parcel to be transported from the recipient to the destination.

1.3.4. Sender – a natural or legal person who delivers the parcel to the courier and is responsible for the correct marking and legal content of the parcel.

1.3.5. Recipient – a natural or legal person who receives a parcel from a courier.

1.3.6. Courier – a Jet Express employee, engaged in the transport of the parcel from the sender to the recipient.

1.3.7. Order – the order submitted by the customer for the provision of courier service.


2.1. The sender is fully responsible for the secure packaging and marking of the parcel.

2.2. The parcel must be packaged with the aim of ensuring the comprehensive transport security of the parcel. The parcel must withstand standard transport conditions; the packaging of the parcel must not cause damage to other standard parcels. When packing unpackaged or improper parcels, Jet Express is not responsible for any damage, breakage or destruction of the parcel.

2.3. The parcel must be marked with the following information: sender of the parcel (name, address, and telephone), recipient of the parcel (name, address, and telephone), delivery conditions (if delivery does not take place under normal conditions), and payer for the order (if different from the sender).

2.4. If a consignment consists of several parcels, all parcels must be properly marked, and the consignment number of each package must be marked. 3/1, 3/2, 3/3).

2.5. Special sized, fragile, heavyweight, large-scale electronic items, etc., must be packaged according to the possibilities of the consignment and ensure maximum retention of the shipment.

2.6. Transportation of unpackaged consignments is fully at the customer’s risk.

2.7. In case of non-compliance of packaging, the customer is obliged to notify Jet Express before ordering the service. In the event that the customer has failed to notify Jet Express of defects in packaging, the courier shall immediately inform Jet Express customer service thereof.

2.8. The Jet Express customer service must be immediately be notified of the emergence of any packaging defects in the parcel. The courier is obliged to forward the relevant information to the customer service and to inform the sender that the parcel has been damaged before transportation. Whenever possible, the damages will be fixed in the ordering before transport. Later customer claims are not taken into account in such cases.


3.1. Jet Express refuses to accept the following parcels:

3.1.1. A parcel that can obviously be lost during transport.

3.1.2. A parcel the transportation of which may result in the destruction of other parcels. This includes stinking or smearing substances and substances with the risk of leaking.

3.1.3. Consignments that may cause direct damage to the vehicle, courier, environment, third parties.

3.1.4. International consignments whose content is not allowed to be imported or exported.

3.1.5. Firearms, ammunition, etc.

3.1.6. ADR consignments are shipments requiring special permits for transportation. This area includes radioactive substances, explosives, corrosive substances, toxic substances, flammable substances, gaseous substances, etc., under the ADR classification.

3.1.7. Narcotic and psychotropic substances.

3.1.8. Fragile consignments with no secure packaging that can withstand transportation.

3.1.9. Unpacked electronic equipment.


4.1. The customer can order courier services on the basis of the types of services and price list valid at Jet Express. Jet Express reserves the right to make changes to the types of services and price lists.

4.2. When ordering the service, the customer proceeds from the options for submission of orders offered by Jet Express.

4.2.1. Ordering courier service by email: Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00 tel. +372 646 3222.

4.2.2. Ordering courier service by email:

4.2.3. Ordering a courier service online

4.3. When ordering a courier service, the customer is obliged to forward all possible information about the parcel, the sender and the recipient, which is the description of the content of the parcel, its dimensions, weight, the details of the sender and the recipient. Jet Express is not responsible for the provision of insufficient or incorrect information.

4.4. Jet Express undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the customer and order information and to provide subcontractors only with the information necessary to perform the service.

4.5. If the customer has forwarded incorrect information in terms of the details of the sender or the recipient of the order, and filling of the order has been started, the customer must pay for the order and submit a new order with correct information.

4.6. If it is not possible to send the parcel to the recipient on the basis of the order submitted by the customer, the customer will be contacted by telephone, and the place of delivery of the parcel will be agreed on. In this case, a surcharge will be added to the order based on the current price list.

4.7. It is prohibited to forward an unmarked parcel to the courier. The courier has the right to refuse to accept the unmarked item.

4.8. Costs related to the delivery of erroneous information by the customer shall be borne by the customer.

4.9. If the recipient refuses to accept the parcel, the courier returns the parcel to the sender, and the recipient is obliged to pay the costs related to the return.

4.10. In order to confirm the delivery of the parcel, the recipient shall confirm this by his/her name and signature in the information system used by Jet Express.


5.1. The customer undertakes to pay the invoices for courier services according to Jet Express price list and invoices submitted.

5.2. The customer undertakes to pay all invoices in a timely manner.

5.3. If the payment deadline is exceeded, Jet Express is entitled to charge a reminder fee of EUR 3, plus VAT of 20%.

5.4. Over 30 days, tax debtors are forwarded to debt collection companies for debt collection. All expenses related to these operations incl. recovery costs, interest on default and other possible costs are borne by the customer. Until the debt is eliminated, Jet Express has the right to suspend the provision of the courier service and all other services to the debtor. In the event of suspension of the provision of the service, Jet Express is not obliged to indemnify the customer for any resulting damages.


6.1. Jet Express is responsible for the parcel from the receipt of the parcel from the sender until delivery of the parcel to the recipient.

6.2. Jet Express is obliged to inform the customer as soon as possible of any problems or failures that emerged during the execution of the order.

6.3. Jet Express is obliged to make every effort to find a lost parcel. The parcel is considered lost if the parcel has not arrived at the recipient within 30 working days from the planned delivery time of the parcel.

6.4. Jet Express is required to bear the extra cost of transport to the correct destination if the parcel is delivered to the wrong addressee due to the mistake of the courier.

6.5. In the event of loss or destruction of a parcel due to the fault of Jet Express, Jet Express undertakes to indemnify the customer for the lost or destroyed item or a detail thereof in accordance with the purchase value of the item, but not more than 8.33 SDR (International Monetary Fund Unit).

6.6. Indirect costs of late, lost, or broken items such as loss of earnings and non-proprietary damage will not be refunded to the customer by Jet Express.

6.7. Jet Express is not responsible for delayed delivery of parcels if the delay is caused by force majeure.

6.8. The customer is obliged to compensate Jet Express to the full extent for the violation of the terms and conditions of the ordering of courier services and the damage and expenses incurred due to a violation of the agreements between the parties.


7.1. All complaints related to the provision of the service shall be submitted in writing to Jet Express at e-mail no later than 7 days after the provision of the service. All information related to the order with the estimated loss amount must be indicated in the complaint.

7.2. If the parcel has been received by the recipient and the delivery of the parcel has been confirmed in writing, the parcel will be deemed to have been delivered in a complete and non-damaged condition.

7.3. All claims related to invoices shall be submitted to Jet Express within 7 days from the moment of receipt of the invoice by e-mail to

7.4. All disputes are resolved by the parties through negotiations. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the disputes will be settled in Harju County Court.


8.1. All parcels are protected by the carrier’s liability insurance, and the customers do not pay extra for it. Jet Express is liable for damage or loss of the parcel in accordance with the CMR Convention and the Law of Obligations Act with a limit of up to 8.33 SDRs per kilogram of the damaged or lost parcel or part thereof.

8.2. For more expensive and more valuable parcels, we recommend purchasing additional property insurance.

8.3. When purchasing a property insurance policy, the contents of the package and the value specified by the customer shall be indicated therein.

8.4. For the following parcels, additional insurance cannot be purchased:

8.4.1. Prohibited items (see section 3)

8.4.2. Antique items, coins and stamp collections, and other collections

8.4.3. Remittances, bonds, coins, precious metals and stones, securities

8.4.4. Liquid filled containers that are not sealed in a leak-proof manner or packaged in a shatterproof manner.

8.4.5. Radioactive, corrosive, flammable, freeze sensitive, poisonous, stinky, staining agents

8.4.6. Sharp and cutting objects that are not packaged

8.4.7. In addition, parcels with defective or damaged packaging