Fuel surcharge

Due to the continued rise in fuel prices, the Jet Express Board of Directors has made a decision to apply a fuel surcharge to all Jet Express transport services from 01.10.2018. The fuel surcharge is reflected in the net amount of the service invoice. Jet Express will notify the percentage of fuel surcharge for the current month on its website at the latest by the fifth day.

The fuel surcharge is constantly changing, and the percentage is fixed on a monthly basis. When calculating the fuel surcharge, we apply the retail prices of diesel fuel sold at Neste Eesti AS filling stations.

The fuel surcharge is calculated as follows: the rate of change in the price of diesel fuel is multiplied by a coefficient of 0.40* (*the coefficient reflects the estimated impact of the change in fuel prices on the price of the product and service) and the result obtained is added to the fuel surcharge base of 0.00%.

The basic price of diesel fuel: EUR 1,039/liter, corresponding to a fuel surcharge of 0.00%.

Jet Express reserves the right to change the basis for calculating the fuel surcharge without further notice.

Fuel surcharge as of 01.04.2020 – 7,69%