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Terms and conditions of Jet Express courier service

The current terms and conditions of the courier service regulate the terms and conditions between Jet Express OÜ (hereinafter referred to as Jet Express) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as the client). Jet Express reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the current courier service correspondingly to the necessity.


1.1. The current terms and conditions apply to all clients who order courier services or related services.
1.2. Jet Express has the right to change the terms and conditions of the courier services by informing the clients on the website at least 30 days in advance.
1.3. Definitions:
1.3.1. Jet Express – Jet Express OÜ, courier service provider
1.3.2. Client – customer who orders the courier service.
1.3.3. Shipment – the package that is transported from the pickup place from the sender to the destination to the recipient.
1.3.4. Sender – natural or legal person who gives the shipment to the courier and who is responsible for the correct labelling and lawful content of the shipment.
1.3.5. Recipient – natural or legal person who collects the shipment from the courier.
1.3.6. Courier – employee of Jet Express who is engaged in the transport of shipments from the sender to the recipient.
1.3.7. Order – the order placed by the client for the provision of the courier service.


2.1. The sender is solely responsible for the transportation firm packaging and labelling of the shipment.
2.2. The shipment must be packed with the aim to ensure the full security of the transport of the shipment. The shipment must suffer normal transport, the packaging of the shipment must not cause damage to other traditional shipments. In case of an unpackaged shipment or a shipment with improper packaging Jet Express is not responsible for the possible injuries, breakage or loss of the shipment.
2.3. The shipment must be labelled with the following information: the sender of the shipment (name, address, phone number), the recipient of the shipment (name, address, phone number), delivery terms (if delivery does not take place under normal conditions), payer of the service (if different from sender).
2.4. When a shipment consists of several packages, all packages must be labelled properly, and numbering of the shipment must be added (eg. 3/1, 3/2, 3/3).
2.5. Non-standard, fragile, heavyweight, large electronic devices etc must be packaged in accordance with the opportunities of the shipments and ensure the maximum preservation of the shipment.
2.6. The transport of unpackaged shipments is entirely at the risk of the customer.
2.7. The client required to notify Jet Express Packing of the nonconformity of packaging before ordering the service. If the customer has not notified Jet Express of the deficiencies in the packaging of the shipment, the courier immediately notifies Jet Express customer service.
2.8. Jet Express customer service must be immediately informed in case of the occurrence of packaging errors of the shipment. The courier has the obligation to transmit relevant information to customer service and to inform the sender that the packaging is damaged before transport. If possible the injuries are fixed prior to the transport in the order. In such cases later client complaints are not accepted.


3.1. Jet Express refuses to accept the following shipments:
3.1.1. The shipment, which can obviously be destroyed in the process of transportation.
3.1.2. The shipment, which may be destroyed by other shipments during transportation. This includes smelly or soiling substances, lead-prone substances.
3.1.3. Shipments that can cause direct damage to the means of transport, the courier, the environment, to third parties.
3.1.4. International shipments, the content of which is not allowed to import or export.
3.1.5. Firearms, ammunition etc.
3.1.6. ADR shipments, which need special permits for transportation. According to the ADR classification this includes radioactive materials, explosives, corrosives, poisonous substances, flammable substances, gases etc.
3.1.7. Narcotic and psychotropic substances.
3.1.8. Easily breakable shipments, which do not have transportation firm packaging.
3.1.9. Unpackaged electronic devices.


4.1. The client can order the courier services according to the types of service and price lists of Jet Express. Jet Express reserves the right to make changes in the types of service and the price lists.
4.2. When ordering the service the client follows the possibilities of providing the service offered by Jet Express.
4.2.1. Ordering the courier service by phone: Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00 phone. 646 3222, phone 508 0113
4.2.2. Ordering the courier service by e-mail:
4.2.3. Ordering the courier service in the online environment
4.3. When ordering the courier service the client has the obligation to submit all the information about the shipment, the sender and the recipient, which is necessary and required for the provision of the service, which include the item description, size, weight, the sender’s and the recipient’s details. Jet Express is not responsible for the provision of diligent or erroneous data.
4.4. Jet Express is obliged to keep client and shipment information confidential and to transmit only information necessary for providing the service to subcontractors.
4.5. If the client has submitted erroneous information about the details of the sender or the recipient of the order and the fulfilment of the order has started, the client must pay for the order and submit a new order with the correct information.
4.6. If the client's order does not allow to transmit the shipment to the recipient, the client will be contacted by telephone and agreed where the shipment will be delivered. In this case, a extra fee will be added to the order on the basis of the current price list.
4.7. Forwarding unmarked shipment to the courier is forbidden. The courier has the right to refuse to accept the unmarked shipment.
4.8. The expenses related to the client's erroneous information transmission will be covered by the client.
4.9. If the recipient refuses to accept the shipment, the courier will return the shipment to the sender and the recipient is required to pay the costs related to the return.
4.10. To approve the delivery of the shipment, the recipient confirms it with his name and signature in the information system used by Jet Express.


5.1. The client is obliged to pay the invoices submitted for the courier services based on the Jet Express price list and invoices submitted.
5.2. The client is obliged to pay all the invoices on time.
5.3. In case of late payment Jet Express has the right to impose a reminder fee of 3 EUR per reminder plus VAT of 20%.
5.4. Tax arrears of over 30 days will be forwarded to collection agencies to collect debts. All the costs related to these operations including recovery costs, arrears and any other costs will be paid by the customer. Until the removal of the debt Jet Express is entitled to stop the provision of the courier service and all other services to the debtor. Jet Express is not obliged to reimburse any losses incurred to the client related to the suspension of the service.


6.1. Jet Express is responsible for the shipment from the pickup from the sender until handing the shipment to the recipient.
6.2. Jet Express has the obligation to inform the client as soon as possible in case of problems and failures encountered with the fulfilment of the order.
6.3. Jet Express is obliged to make every effort to find the missing shipment. The shipment is considered lost if the shipment has not reached the recipient within 5 working days since the planned delivery time of the shipment.
6.4. Jet Express is obliged to bear the additional costs of transport to the right destination when the shipment is delivered to a wrong address because of the courier’s fault.
6.5. In case the shipment lost or destroyed because of Jet Express’s fault, Jet Express is obliged to reimburse the item lost or destroyed or its detail to the client according to the acquisition cost of the shipment, but not more than the range of 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights).
6.6. The indirect costs of late, lost or damaged shipment such as loss of profit and non-pecuniary damage is not reimbursed to the client by Jet Express.
6.7. Jet Express is not responsible for the delay of packages in the case of force majeure.
6.8. The client is obligated to reimburse to Jet Express all the loss and costs arisen from the infringement of the terms and conditions of the courier service and the breach of contracts between the parties.


7.1. The client files all the complaints related to the provision of the service to Jet Express in writing via e-mail no later than 7 days from the provision of the service. All the information concerning the order together with the calculated amount of damage should be noted in the complaint.
7.2. If the of the shipment has been accepted by the recipient and the transfer of the shipment is approved in writing, the shipment will be deemed delivered in a complete and unbreakable condition.
7.3. The client submits all complaints related to invoices to Jet Express within 7 days from the moment of the receipt of the invoice by e-mail
7.4. All disputes are resolved by the parties through negotiations. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the dispute will be settled in Harju County Court.